Ford Unleashes the Shelby GT500 in Honor of Shark Week

"They say a #GreatWhite can smell fear. We believe it." The tweet below was done in honor of Shark Week -- Discovery Channels annual tribute to the sea's most deadly predators. Every year, the Discovery Channel airs a week of non-stop shows that show just how incredible sharks really are, and in recent years it has turned into something of a social media frenzy.


Of course, Ford needs to put a little Blue Oval spin on their Shark Week tweet in order to keep things interesting, and that's precisely what they've done. Check out the tweet below to see the Shelby GT500 decked out as a Great White Shark -- at least in terms of its paint job. The car is already ferocious enough!

Planning on watching Shark Week this weekend? Happy viewing from all of us here at Ford of West Covina! Of course, if you want to check out a new Ford up close for yourself? We're more than happy to set up a test drive. And don't worry, they don't bite!

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