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For each person who is driving a car, each one has their own opinion about which car would be perfect for you, and with so many pieces of advice, it can seem overwhelming to try and make a decision for yourself. One helpful woman went ahead and found the strengths that can suit any and every driver, once you find the model of the Ford Focus that fits your personality.

The look is fast and bold, with aerodynamic efficiency so each model, both in the sedan and hatchback body styles, slip through the air with ease. For those drivers looking to improve their eco-footprint, the Electric Focus is easy to charge at home for a smooth ride with a sporty attitude but without stopping at the gas station once a week. The ST is sport tuned for a dynamic performance every time you get behind the wheel, and soon the RS will steal the spotlight.

To see how the colors of the new Focus make you feel, come in to West Covina Ford and take a test drive around West Covina, CA.

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