2015 Ford F-150 sees all with segment-first 360-degree camera

Toby Keith has something to say about his new 2015 Ford F-150 -- that he wouldn't want to drive anything else. But aside from his diehard Ford fandom, Keith sees something special in this year's redesign, including some high-tech features, and Ford wants you to hear all about them in one of its recent videos.

Front and rear cameras are certainly an asset when it comes to driving on West Covina, CA roads -- not to mention parking off of them -- but a 360-degree camera can be a lifesaver. In a first for the pickup truck segment, the 2015 Ford F-150 can now come equipped with a 360-degree camera for a continuous view from every angle of the vehicle. After all, a big truck sometimes requires some bigtime help with visibility, and now the new F-150 is pulling ahead of the workhorse herd by giving you not one but four extra sets of extra eyes on the road.

In any case, Keith is a big fan of this features, among others, and you can hear more about them in the clip below. We encourage you to get your hands on any and all of these amenities when you take your favorite 2015 for a spin, here at Ford of West Covina.

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