Ford of West Covina Service Center

The Ford of West Covina Advantage

With any vehicle, the overall health and longevity comes down to many things, but the most important factor is service. When you combine vehicles that are built to last like Ford, and you the owner taking proper care of it by making sure it is maintained regularly, you'll reap the benefits. That's what our service center at Ford of West Covina is here to help you with, and keep you and your ride out of the rode for many miles to come!

Here in our service center serving Pomona and La Puente and the surrounding areas, we have the latest tools, technology, parts and equipment to get the job done with a highly-skilled team of technicians with years of experience. When it comes to Ford vehicles, having your ride serviced at the dealership has many benefits. First, if it's a newer vehicle, it still could have warranty coverage for service, and secondly, you want to ensure that any issues that might come about are being diagnosed and looked at by us, as we have all the tools and resources to figure it out, with the backing of the automaker behind us.

We also will service vehicles of many other brands as well in the greater Los Angeles area, and take care of everything from routine checks like inspections, oil and filter changes, tire rotations, wheel alignments, brake pad replacement and repair, and more to complex repairs that might need more attention such as the engine, or any sounds or noises coming from your vehicle.

If your Ford is in need of service, our team is here to help everyone from West Covina to Pomona, and areas in between. Contact us and we'd be happy to set up a time to schedule you in for an appointment, or you can schedule online and we can get you in for service and keep your Ford going strong!

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